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Your siding is like a coat of armor on your building that blocks damaging elements and prevents costly energy from escaping. Improve your curb appeal and reinforce your structure with siding installation and repair. Acme Roofing and Siding, LLC will inspect your property in Columbus, OH and suggest the best option for your needs and budget.

Have you been leaking money on costly energy bills? A siding repair service could be your answer. We work with all the major brands, including Exterior Portfolio, Royal Building Products and Crane. Call 614-477-7663 today for a free consultation on a siding repair service in Columbus, OH.

Is Hardie board siding right for your home or business?

Is Hardie board siding right for your home or business?

Acme Roofing and Siding is experienced with both vinyl and Hardie board siding installation. Hardie siding is made of a composite fiber cement material. For the higher initial cost, Hardie board siding comes with incredible benefits like:

Durability-fiber cement is 5 times thicker than vinyl and able to withstand extreme winds, temperatures and hail.
Safety-while vinyl can melt under flame, fiber cement resists damage in extreme heat.
Longevity-fiber cement shows very little fading under UV light exposure, which ensures your home will look better for longer.

Studies have shown fiber cement siding offers one of the industry's best returns on your investment. Contact us today to discuss our wide selection of siding colors, styles and textures in Columbus, OH.